Load Rating Wire Rope Tension 2,000kg (4,400lbs) 
​Wire Rope Diameter
φ9mm (6x37) or 3/8 inch (6x36)
Gear Ratio20 : 1
Effective Handle Length370mm (14.57 inch)
Handle Force13.0kg (28.7lbs)
Hauling Tension25kg or more (55.1lbs or more)
Weight (Winch + Handle)31.3kg (69.0lbs)

Important :   Dimensions are for reference only. And subject to change without notice.

DANGER :     Model MC is designed only for Pulling Horizontally.

Carefully read the Instruction Manual to understand the contents before operating the winch.


Steel (CAPSTAN) Winch 

Never use this winch for lifting vertically.